cyberterrorizing. cybil.

January 7, 2009

Ah, cyber-terrorism via remote location. It’s almost too easy..

skybil: EVIL!
skybil: I think I jumped when I logged in today

(who doesn’t love danaheads as their desktop wallpaper?)

And who says you have to be famous in order to have your Twitter hacked?

Skybil should at least be happy that there are no signs of Clippy.. yet.

Update: She’s now throwing around false accusations!

Skybil (12:24:23 PM): YOU!
Skybil (12:24:27 PM): I thought it was Sean
The Brit (12:24:30 PM): me
Skybil (12:24:31 PM): BUT IT WAS YOU
The Brit (12:24:35 PM): wot?
Skybil (12:24:35 PM): I trusted you!
Skybil (12:24:48 PM): I jumped when I saw the Danaheads!
Skybil (12:24:51 PM): Hee hee!

another day. another dollar.

June 22, 2008

Who knew I’ve actually been working for five weeks now? Certainly not my bank account. HA!

Let’s recap the latest week in the big city..

Today I was pleasantly surprised by a mysterious looking package from The Brit with enough packing tape to make you want to buy stock in 3M products. And after a 5 min struggle with scissors and cursing (you know how I wasn’t allowed to have scissors at my desk in the newsroom..) lo and behold, my very own TexMex bobblehead! Now I only need a second baseman and a left fielder (Chipper’s goes to 3rd), and I’ll have a whole lineup. And look, Tex has already made friends with my Dwight Schrute bobble:


Despite not having a paycheck (yet), I had to venture to my beloved Ralph Lauren Rugby. In between polos and manicures, I found quite possibly the greatest. thing. ever. at Virgin Megastore..


GIZMOS! Me want! I think the only thing that could possibly make this better is to throw in a bunch of Ewoks.

Randomly decided to enter a 5miler race around Central Park today, and placed 5th — with the 4th place finisher ONE SECOND in front. How irritating. Esp since I had to stop to adjust my knee brace.

QOTD (via Twitter):
Curt: @dpnation Clean your teeth the tasty way with Bacon Floss:
dpnation: @curt
omg not the first person to recommend bacon floss to yours truly. what does this say about me?
Curt: Only that your love of bacon transcends that of mere mortals 🙂
dpnation: @curt
i hope they put that on my tombstone.
Ken: @dpnation @curt
That your tombstone would reference ‘mere mortals’ is delightfully ironic.

Mr. A, earlier: I don’t know why whenever I see “bacon!” it reminds me of you…LOL.  But I also can’t argue with this [bacon floss] logic. Is there anything bacon can’t improve?

Skybversations, con’t:

djprep thank you very much

Guess who leaves for Paris in a week from Wednesday? Hope those Frenchies enjoy my Spanglish and pathetic Italian.