commonwealth. clash.

October 7, 2008

As usual, it started as an innocent g-chat conversation.
[on registering to vote, the election in general, etc.]
Skybil: HUMPH!
DP: although voting in virginia is almost just as futile [as Georgia]
DP: and completely useless in mass
Skybil: Virginia is supposedly close
DP: they said that last election
DP: and it so wasn’t!
DP: i don’t think it’s ever been blue in the history of its existence
Skybil: You never know
DP: if VA goes blue, i am coming down and buying you u-fries

Skybil: Obama has a lead in Virginia
Skybil: I will be enjoying those U Fries!
Skybil: 51 to 39 percent
DP: holy crap. that’s a lot
Skybil: Uh huh
DP: i wonder if my absentee ballot counts for more
Skybil: They throw those out

Also, I live with a nark. You’re not supposed to defend Skybil.. not unless you want the cyber terrorism directed towards you instead..

plame. gate.

November 28, 2005

I reeeally want this shirt (hint, hint).

Stop Watching Fox News or You’ll Go Blind

November 10, 2005

Mr. O’Reilly, I shouldn’t have to answer that.

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and. done.

November 3, 2005

Halloween pics are now up!

Is it just me, or is ebay a little early with the Christmas theme on their site?

The DCist/DCeiver is playing guest potty mouth over at Wonkette.. mmm. Speaking of which, AMC’s books is coming out early January.

I need December 8th off from work: Jingle Jam – Howie Day, Jason Mraz, Switchfoot & Gavin DeGraw. (Okay, really only for Howie, for the 15th time..)

Kristin dumps Brody for Aaron Carter.. WTF?!!?

slow. recruitment.

August 27, 2005

We read that the government will spend $250 million on advertising over the next six months — maybe if they had less they’d be a little more careful about where they spent it:

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people’s. court.

July 20, 2005

It’s always bracing, on the eve of a nominations process of historic importance, shaping the legal future of the republic for generations to come, to take stock of the people’s will. By bracing, of course, we mean “colossally embarrassing” and by “people’s will,” we mean “the nation’s staggering witlessness.” The American Enterprise Institute has reviewed poll results querying Americans on their grasp of Supreme Court affairs. Here’s a snapshot of our, uhm, knowledge:

“Individual justices are not well known. In one poll, only 9 percent were able to identify William Rehnquist as Chief Justice after he had been on the court for 17 years. More people were able to identify Judge Wapner of the People’s Court.”

“In many areas, opinion about the Court is not well formed. Questions about original intent, for example, pull people in one direction or another depending on how questions are worded.”

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super. star.

July 14, 2005

The plan for worldwide notoriety is on its way.. thanks to the Wonkette linkage.

my life is complete.